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West Portland Chiropractic
322 NW 5th Avenue, Suite 305
Portland, OR 97209
ph 207.370.8516
fx 503.455.5555

Chiropractic Therapies We Specialize In

As your preferred Chiropractic provider, we promise you the following…

  • To greet you as family, not just a “Chiropractic patient”
  • To be gentle and kind in all actions
  • To maximize your health and comfort
  • And to be thankful and appreciative of you as our patient

We focus on treatments that provide immediate pain relief for a variety of conditions that affect the neck, upper back, lower back, and extremities. Our Chiropractic office takes pride in offering preventative health care which we recommend to help prevent injuries from occurring or re-occurring.  Occasional Check-ups once released from care is a great way to stay pain free.

In our office Dr. Matthew Todd utilizes a safe, gentle manipulation of the spine and extremities among other therapies to correct the cause of your problem. We will do our best to alleviate any of your concerns by explaining the procedure and options before any treatment begins.

Our office has the most modern equipment that allows us the opportunity to provide high quality Chiropractic treatments. Our Chiropractic services range from safe, gentle Chiropractic adjustments to advanced soft tissue techniques and rehabilitation exercises. We want you to have the best Chiropractic Care available.

West Portland Chiropractic Therapies

Dr. Matthew Todd has patients from all around the Portland area, providing therapies that have been research proven and time tested. We specialize in the following Chiropractic therapies…

We Are Unique

  • Advanced training in car accident injuries
  • Use of latest techniques in muscle and ligament repair
  • Effective and Fast pain relief
  • We listen to our patients
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Highest standards of care
  • Friendly, gentle doctor
  • Caring staff
  • Care You Can Trust

Care You Can Trust
We strictly observe all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. We are HIPAA compliant and fully protect your personal information.

Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Todd, of West Portland Chiropractic, provides safe and effective care in the Pearl District of NW Portland, Oregon

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Your search for quality, friendly and affordable Chiropractic Care in Portland Oregon is finally over! New Patients and Referrals are warmly welcomed by Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Todd, D.C. at our Pearl District office in NW Portland Oregon.

Whether you are a new patient or an existing patient, the quickest and easiest way to schedule your appointment is online.  Click on the "Book Now" button below to get started.  If you are a new patient, please also print and complete the New Patient Intake form before your first appointment which can be found by clicking here

If you prefer to call, you can reach us at (207) 370-8516. If you get our message we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make sure to leave your name, number, when you would like to have your appointment (to see our hours click here), and state whether you are a new or existing patient.

West Portland Chiropractic
322 NW 5th Avenue, Suite 305
Portland, OR 97209
ph 207.370.8516
fx 503.455.5555