Neck Pain


You are not alone if you’re dealing with neck pain in Portland. Millions of people suffer from neck pain, never getting the care they need. For over one hundred years chiropractors have been helping people with this condition. Our Portland chiropractors are specifically trained to help with neck pain and they have very high success rates. Read this article to learn what our team at West Portland Chiropractic can do to help you.


Most people with Neck problems experience a mild ache to sharp pain. This pain is often worsened when trying to move your Neck, and also limits your ability to turn your head left, right, up, down, and side to side. Other symptoms in combination with Neck Pain such as numbness, tingling, or Neck Pain that radiates in the upper extremities can be a serious neurological sign indicating that a nerve is maybe irritated or compressed. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should make an appointment immediately with a Chiropractor that specializes in performing neurological examinations.

It is impossible to help an individual with neck pain if your not sure of the location of the problem. Portland chiropractors are trained in the use of a variety of diagnostic tools which give them the ability to locate the source of neck pain. This comes as a great advantage when treating this condition.

The spine is one of the most complex areas of your body, with almost every systemic nerve running through it. Muscles connected to a region of the spine that is misaligned can spasm and tighten. This tightening is believed to be a defense mechanism of the body to protect the spine and spinal cord. Bad posture and repetitive motions with a bad posture are the most common cause of misalignments that can happen in the spine.

Many people let spinal problems go uncorrected. They hope that if they wait long enough their neck pain will just go away. In a lot of cases it probably will go away, but the misalignment that caused the problem is still there. Over time that area will often become aggravated again, and the pain will return. Over time without correction the problem can become much more serious. Some patients get to the point were surgery may be the only option.


If you have neck pain don’t fall into the common vs. normal trap. The trap insinuates that because so many people have neck pain it must be normal. Neck pain is very common, but it is certainly not normal. This type of reasoning is why we see so many people with problems that can no longer be corrected. You don’t have to become a statistic of neck pain. Take control of the problem before it’s too late.

The first time you’re in our office we will begin with your health history. Our Doctor needs to understand your condition before he can properly help you. Our hope is that your recovery will be speedy and quick.

Don’t let yourself struggle with neck pain. The team at West Portland Chiropractic in Portland is here and excited to help you! Call if you have any questions. Today is the day to begin chiropractic care!

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